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Books I’ve Edited or Co-Edited

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Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo
ISBN 1885211-92-9
232 pages,

***Winner of the Grand Prize
from the 2003 North American Travel Journalists Assoc. Awards

Funny Women Have More Fun…

Travel isn’t always what we dream it will be, but oh…the stories we can
tell later! For the 29 women in this book, packing a sense of humor was
essential to the success of their trips. From Australia to Zambia,
Thailand to Kuwait, the true stories in Sand in My Bra will not only have you shaking your head in disbelief, they’ll induce smiles, groans, cackles, and guffaws.

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More Sand in My Bra
Edited by Julia Weiler and Jennifer L. Leo

ISBN 1-932361-50-2
288 pages,

The fifth book in the Travelers’ Tales Sand in My Bra series is on bookstore shelves now! With this book I’m passing the torch over to the effervescent and intrepid super-chica Julia Weiler.

You might remember Julia from the “Utili-panties,” from our panty-decorating contest during our marketing efforts for Whose Panties Are These? The following year her story, “R-Rated Rescue” was published in The Thong Also Rises, and the year after that she contributed her honeymoon confessions in “Be Grateful, Not Hateful” in What Color Is Your Jockstrap?

Julia has put together a fun collection of tales of women’s travels sure to entertain and inspire women who both love the road, and are wishing to get on it. If the women who’ve survived the Ms.-adventures in these five books can live to laugh about their travels, surely those who are hesitating can, too.

hat Color Is Your Jockstrap?
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo

ISBN 1-932361-34-0
288 pages, $14.95

***Winner of the Silver Award for Humor
from the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

The men were hankering to be a part of the Sand in My Bra series fun and we couldn’t say no. You’ll find some of your favorite writers in this collection including Tim Cahill, Rolf Potts, Elliott Hester, Susan Orleans, Laurie Notaro, Jim Benning, J. Maarten Troost, and even poker pro, Phil Gordon. This might be the funniest book in the series – but I can’t play favorites.

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The Thong Also Rises
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo

ISBN 1-932361-24-3
248 pages,

***Winner of the Gold Award for Humor
from the 2005 ForeWord
Book Of The Year Award

Travel girls gone wild! It’s not about their underwear, it’s about
gut-busting adventures. These funny women on the road just can’t stop
laughing about the global messes they get themselves into. Bringing you dozens of crazy Ms.-Adventures from
Egypt to South Dakota and back home again. On a coffee break, right
before bed, waiting for the bus, or hiding in the bathroom—howl, cry,
guffaw, and commiserate with these adventuresses.

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See the Table of Contents

Panties_finalWhose Panties Are These?
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo
ISBN 1-932361-11-1
240 pages,

***Winner of the Silver Award for Humor
from the 2004 ForeWord
Book Of The Year Award

Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures
won thousands of fans with its outrageous tales of women’s travels.
This new collection from the Mistress of Misadventure, award-winning
editor Jen Leo, is loaded with more hilarious stories from
women who have gone to the ends of the earth only to hear the
sniggering of the cosmos. From an African village to the Great Wall of
China, these stories that weren’t so funny when they happened will
prove once again that travel, like laughter, is the best medicine.

Read the Introduction


A Woman’s Path
Edited by Lucy McCauley, Amy G. Carlson, and Jennifer Leo
ISBN 1-932361-00-6
288 pages,

Women journey on a variety of paths to understand both the geographical
and the spiritual. This remarkable ensemble of women write about their
spiritual awakenings, sharing the experiences that led to their
spiritual growth and transformation.

Read Lucy McCauley’s Introduction
Read the Table of Contents